Gen Suzuno
Gen prof
Kanji 涼野弦
Rōmaji Suzuno Gen
First Appearance
Gender Male
Age (Rainbow Live) Mid to late 30's
Current Residence Harajuku, Japan
Hair Color Dark purple
Eye Color Purple
Relative(s) Tsuru Suzuno (Wife; separated)

Ito Suzuno (Daughter) Yuu Suzuno (Son)

Voiced by
Japanese Takashi Kondo

Gen Suzuno is the father of Ito Suzuno and her younger brother Yuu, as well as the separated husband of Tsuru and the owner of the music club Lucky Star. He used to be a guitarist in the band Crossroad and had planned to have a band with his family, but he broke his arm in an accident and was told he could not play guitar anymore.


In his young days, he didn't get along with any band he joined. He always fought with his band members. Everything changed when he met Takeyuki Mihama. They made good songs, they easily got along. They started a band called Lucky Star, they were surprised how many fans came. But on their way to stardom, they disbanded. He continued with the music business, but Takeyuki called quits. After some time, he begged Takeyuki to bring the band back again. Not keeping his eyes on the road, a truck came their way and they crashed. Takeyuki lost his life, but Gen only broke his arm. He stopped playing even after he recovered as a way to atone for what he did.


  • Gen's voice actor Takashi Kondo played Shou in Aurora Dream and Dear My Future. Not so coincidentally, Gen's wife is voiced by Kana Asumi, who voiced Aira Harune in Aurora Dream and Dear My Future.
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