Futaba Morizono
Kanji 森園フタバ
Rōmaji Morizono Futaba
First Appearance
Rainbow Live Episode 16
Gender Female
Age (Rainbow Live) Mid to late 30's
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color Moss green
Eye Color Purple
Relative(s) Tadashi Morizono (Husband)

Wakana Morizono (Daughter)

Voiced by
Japanese Ayumi Fujimura
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Futaba Morizono is the mother of Wakana Morizono and the wife of Tadashi Morizono.


Futaba is a mild-mannered, polite, warm and calm woman, the spitting image of the obedient Japanese housewife. Although she is very subservient to her husband, she learns not stand down when it comes to protecting her daughter. She had been talked down to by her husband and had never retorted. However, after a certain conflict with Tadashi, she reverts to her normal personality and speaks with a "nya" at the end of her sentences. She is fairly tomboyish when she is her true self. When she is angry, she is extremely threatening, the opposite of her usual attitude, and is so frightening that she terrifies her husband.



Futaba's "rage mode"

She has long, straight moss green hair with a leaf clip at her bangs. She wears a brown sweater over a light green shirt, and a golden cross pendant. She ties her hair into a ponytail when she reverts to her original personality, as well taking on a fiercer look which sharply contrasts with her previously timid persona.


Futaba's given name Futaba means "two-leafed." Her family name, Morizono, means "forest garden."


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