Eru & Uru Harune
Eru uru
Kanji 春音える


Rōmaji Harune Eru

Harune Uru

First Appearance
Aurora Dream Episode 1
Dear My Future Episode 40 (flashback)
Gender Female
Age (Aurora Dream) 5
Current Residence Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color Red
Relative(s) Hiroshi Harune (Father)

Omi Harune (Mother) Aira Harune (Elder sister) Itsuki Harune (Elder brother)

Voiced by
Japanese Eru - Hiro Nakajima

Uru - Aki Nakajima


Eru & Uru Harune are Aira's and Itsuki's younger twin sisters. They attend the same preschool Aira did and initially helped Aira in keeping her secret from their dad.


As the twins look exactly alike it can be hard to tell them apart. They have big orange eyes and short hair worn in a side-tail, with Eru wearing hers on the right and Uru on the left. They have even-cut split bangs and a single loose strand at each ear.

While they wear the same outfits, Eru usually wears orange as her main or secondary color, while Uru has yellow.


A pair of cute, happy-go-lucky twins who adore their older sister and Prism Shows. At times they feel lonely when Aira is too busy to hang out with them.

Aurora Dream

Throughout the season the twins were shown to watch Prism Stars on television and would commentate on Aira becoming one. They had their first, major appearance when Aira, Mion, and Rizumu were preparing to leave for Pretty Top and the twins asked them to play, as it was their birthdays.

Aira accepted and brought them to Prismland, but the girls were concerned as they think about earlier, when Aira tried to reject their request and how she didn't seem to be enjoying herself. Her answer caused them to run away in tears and they hid in the Dream Tree, where they found Kaname Amamiya hiding. She helped them up and they began to chat with her until Aira was able to locate them again.

Aira tried to climb the tree but the twins refused to relent, claiming they hated her and Prism Shows now. She apologized and promised to play with them again and show more interest again, and soon they forgave her. Just then they began to fall off the tree, but Kaname quickly saved them and took off, leaving Aira to remark on how dirty their dresses had become. She gave the girls a Pretty Remake, lifting their spirits and they went to the Prism Show, where Aira and her friends would be performing. Watching her, they reveal their inspiration to one day become Pretty Top managers.


  • The voices of Eru & Uru are actually twins themselves in real life.
  • The appearance of Non from Pripara is based directly off of them.


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