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Edel Rose is an agency and school for Prism Stars, like Prism Stone and Pretty Top. The top units from Edel Rose are Bell Rose, consisting of Bell Renjoji, Otoha Takanashi, and Wakana Morizono, and Over The Rainbow, consisting of Kouji Mihama, Hiro Hayami, and Kazuki Nishina.


Edel Rose was founded by Koushi Norizuki to develop and nurture the skills of aspiring Prism Stars and continued to be supervised by his son, Jin Norizuki. However, when Koushi found out that Jin only cared about using Edel Rose for his own profit, Koushi fired Jin from his job and gave his position to Hijiri Himuro, thus ending his son's reign of terror.


Edel Rose Building

Edel Rose is an elite school specializing in training Prism Stars. The best Prism Stars from around the country attend this school to hone their skills. Its branch schools are Kakyouin Academy for boys and Lu Seriana Girls' School for girls.

King of Prism

Edel Rose Dorm

Over a year later after Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, Edel Rose, which is one of the most prestigious schools for Prism Shows, has become run-down because of Schwarz Rose. After Koushi Norizuki, Edel Rose's original founder and supervisor had passed away, Edel Rose's financial rights went to his son, Jin Norizuki. Edel Rose's current supervisor, Hijiri Himuro, was able to inherit the old building where Edel Rose first started from. Most of the talented students of Edel Rose left and went to Jin's new school, Schwarz Rose. Thankfully, Edel Rose's Girl's Department was granted autonomy before it could fall into Jin's hands.

Edel Rose was able to survive thanks to the success of the Prism Boy unit, Over The Rainbow, however, Edel Rose still has a giant debt to pay. Kouji has signed a contract with Hollywood to produce music for a large musical production to help Edel Rose in its current state.


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School Uniforms

Lu Seriana Gorgeous Jacket, Lu Seriana Gorgeous Skirt, Lu Seriana Loafers


  • Translated the school's name is "Noble Rose", as Edel is the German word for noble (Schwarz Rose, the school's rival, translates to "Black Rose").
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