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Dreaming Session

Dreaming Session

Dreaming Session is a tournament where it is required to have a team of three, but perform one-by-one. Karats are recorded but Prism Lives are not.

Overview Edit

This is the first Prism Show tournament in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. This is similar to the Stand Up Girls! Cup in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, as the target of both tournaments, is the new Prism Stars. Edel Rose Team S had won a lot of championships. The Prism Stone team also gain popularity for themselves and the Prism Stone shop because of the performance of Prism Live.

Participants Edit

Prism Stone Team Edit

Naru Ayase: Music Mini HatDreaming Harmony JacketDreaming Harmony SkirtMusic Technical Boots

Ann Fukuhara: Music Mini HatSky Melody JacketSky Melody Short PantsMusic Technical Boots

Ito Suzuno: Music Mini HatViolet Nocturne JacketViolet Nocturne SkirtMusic Technical Boots

Edel Rose Team S Edit

Bell Renjouji: Bell Rose Ribbon Arrange Hair, Bell Rose Wine Red Bare TopBell Rose Wine Red Tight MiniRed Ribbon Knee Highs & Pumps

Otoha Takanashi: Bell Rose Ribbon Arrange Hair, Bell Rose Silky Yellow Bare TopBell Rose Silky Yellow PannierBlack Ribbon Pumps

Wakana Morizono: Bell Rose Ribbon Arrange Hair, Bell Rose Spark Green Bare TopBell Rose Spark Green PantsBlack Ribbon Pumps

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