Dot Tie Leather Vest
Kanji ドットネクタイレザーベスト
Rōmaji Dotto Nekutai Rezā Besuto
Fashion Element Sexy
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 5

Dot Tie Leather Vest is a sexy-type Prism Stone worn by Serena Jounouchi in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.


A black tank-top worn with a hot pink tie covered in black dots. A light purple denim vest is worn over this with studs lining the lapel. The pocket is detailed with color accents. Two bracelets are included.

In The Anime

Serena prof.jpg

Serena wore this as part of her causal outfit in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. In the anime, her tie has bigger, less spots than the Prism Stone. She also doesn't wear the included bracelets.

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