Episode 6

"Not Having Notes is a Big Problem!"

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Memo Memo Kinshi wa Komaru no desu!

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"Dear My Future ~Mirai no Jibun e~" by Prizmmy☆

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"my Transform" by Prizmmy☆

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"Dear My Future ~Mirai no Jibun e~" by Prizmmy☆

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First Love!? My Prince!

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"Not Having Notes is a Big Problem!" is the sixth episode of Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.


Ayami writes too many notes and Mia prohibits her from writing any more, but this is hard for her because it's a big part of her life and she's always relying on them. Prizmmy☆ then meets Chae Kyoung, the newest student from Korea, who takes interest in Ayami's notes and tells her that she thinks her notes are amazing.


On her way back home from practice, Mia dashes past her Prizmmy teammates in order to be the first among them to reach home. Ayami calls out to Mia, telling her to look out; unfortunately the latter runs into a huge puddle, thus soaking herself.

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  • This episode marks the debut appearance of Chae Kyoung.


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