Episode 48

"Curtain! Grateful Symphonia"

Japanese Title (Kanji):

開演! グレイトフルシンフォニア

Japanese Title (Romaji):

Kaien! Gureitofuru Shinfonia

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Opening Theme

"Panpina-!" by Prizmmy☆

Ending Theme

"Shuwa Shuwa BABY" by PURETTY

Insert Songs

"You May Dream" by LISP
"LOVE♥MIX" by Love∞Mix
"Shall We Go?!" by Kanae Itou
"1/1000 Eien no Bigaku" by Callings

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Mia's Selfish Uproar

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Tomorrow will be lost

"Curtain! Grateful Symphonia" is the forty-eighth episode of Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.


It is the day of the performance. Everyone performs the Prism Act together and it opens the road to the Symphonia World. Mia and Hye In must make their way up to the Symphonia World. MARs performs the Aurora Rising and Shou and Yun-su start to fight over Aira. Aira falls through the ground after seeing Shou and Yun-su fight over her. Yun-su holds a vine while trying to save Aira but he can't reach, Shou then dives in to save Aira and they confess to each other and kiss. Mia and Hye In continue along the road to Symphonia.


Prism Stone Shop Segment

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