Episode 43

"Stand up, Star!"

Japanese Title (Kanji):


Japanese Title (Romaji):

Tachiagaru Sutā!

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Opening Theme

"Panpina-!" by Prizmmy☆

Ending Theme

"Shuwa Shuwa BABY" by PURETTY

Insert Songs

"Life is Just a Miracle ~Ikiteru tte Subarashii~" by Rumi Ookubo, Natsumi Takamori, Minami Tsuda, Ayane Sakura
"Shuwa Shuwa BABY" by PURETTY

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Go! Sky High to the End of the Universe

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Passion Revolution

"Stand up, Star!" is the forty-third episode of Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.


PURETTY wins the Sky High Symphonia, but fails to reach Kintaro's heart which leaves Kyoko depressed. Kintaro tries to destroy the Prism Show entertainment world by making people hate Prism Shows. Prizmmy☆, PURETTY, and MARs decide to challenge Kintaro to a Prism Show to win back his heart from his curse by performing Grateful Symphonia.


Prism Stone Shop Segment

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