Episode 4

"Revolution of the Heart! Prism Act!"

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Hāto no Kakumei Purizumu Akuto

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"Dear My Future ~Mirai no Jibun e~" by Prizmmy☆

Ending Theme

"my Transform" by Prizmmy☆

Insert Songs

"Dear My Future ~Mirai no Jibun e~" by Prizmmy☆

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"Revolution of the Heart! Prism Act!" is the fourth episode of Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.


Hye In is revealed to be a student studying abroad at Pretty Top and Mia learns the definition of a Prism Act. Karin is asked to be in the center of the newly formed Prizmmy☆'s next Prism Show. However, Mia doesn't accept her feelings as the center and hurts Karin's feelings. But another student from Korea, Shi Yoon, befriends Karin quickly and helps with her problems.


Prism Stone Shop Segment

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Characters in Order of Appearance


  • This episode marks the debut appearance of Shi Yoon.
  • It is also the first time that a Prism Act is performed.


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