Episode 34

"Dance Teacher, Dance!"

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Odore Dansu Tīchā

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"Life is Just a Miracle ~Ikiteru tte Subarashii~" by Rumi Ookubo, Natsumi Takamori, Minami Tsuda, Ayane Sakura

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"Body Rock" by Prizmmy☆

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"cheer! yeah! X2" by COSMOs

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"Dance Teacher, Dance!" is the thirty-fourth episode of Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.


COSMOS decide to have a Prism Show at Mia's old grade school and visits her old grade school teacher. Mia's teacher does not allow them to perform. She is troubled because she will have to teach dancing in P.E but doesn't how to teach the students. The girls decide to give Mia's teacher a dance lesson. She learns that she doesn't need to be good at dancing as long as everyone has fun.


With Sprouts and P&P having completed their Musha Shugyou, COSMOS decides to take the incentive and upstage their rivals. Pengie-sensei and Yamada-san decide to help them out, until it is revealed that their plan involves dancing with a million penguins, all with individual chest guards. Nevertheless, Mia is still confident, for COSMOS has managed to acquire an unlimited budget from Kyoko, only to be told by the latter that they are over-budget due to her spending in on cosmetics.

The trio then travel to another city area-by foot, due to the lack of funds to pay for proper transport, among other things. Mia proposes selling off some freshly-created Prism Stones, only for Chae Kyung and So Min to shut her down before she embarrasses them all. Just then, Mia notices a group of elementary school students leaving class, which sparks an idea in her mind. She then proposes that they hold a Prism Show at an elementary school, which her teammates agree on doing so as well.

Mia visits her old first-grade homeroom teacher to seek permission for their Prism Show; however, her former teacher is so pleased to see Mia that she hugs the latter in a tight embrace while her bemused teammates look on. This prompts Mia to also note that her former homeroom teacher used to be much slimmer in the past.

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