Episode 18

"Summer Vacation! A Summer-Colored Mermaid!"

Japanese Title (Kanji):


Japanese Title (Romaji):

Samā Bakansu! Natsuiro Māmeido

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Opening Theme

"BRAND NEW WORLD!!" by Prizmmy☆

Ending Theme

"Cheki☆Love" by PURETTY

Insert Songs

"Summer day" by Prizmmy☆
"Cheki☆Love" by PURETTY

Previous Episode

Shi Yoon, Queen of the Animals!

Next Episode

The Summer Fest Begins! PURETTY Go! Go! Go!

"Summer Vacation! A Summer-Colored Mermaid!" is the eighteenth episode of Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.


Prizmmy☆ and PURETTY go to an island resort to perform a show. But it is revealed that Hye In, Shi Yoon, and Jae Eun can't swim so Prizmmy☆ give them lessons. But when So Min reveals her fear of the sea it looks like PURETTY will have to cancel their concert. But with encouragement from Yun-su and the rest of PURETTY, So Min overcomes her fear.


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