Dear Crown Purity Rouge Jacket
Kanji ディアクラウンピュリティールージュジャケット
Rōmaji Dia Kuraun Pyuritī Rūju Jaketto
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 10

Dear Crown Purity Rouge Jacket is a Star-type Prism Stone. It was worn by Hye In in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.


A red top with a row of tiny black dot buttons going up the center is worn under a short white jacket. It is held with a isngle gold button, with a lapel and cuff of black with a single gold line on each portion. On the left of the chest is a gold badge. An orange and black tie is worn at the neck. Comes with a dark gray fluffy bracelet with a small black bandana attached to it adorned with tiny blue stars. 


PRDMF ep 14 (14)

This was Hye In's iconic outfit for Dear My Future, as well as for the song, Kekki Love.

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