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|image = S10T1.png
|Fashion Element = Star
|Fashion Element = Star
|Rarity = Normal
|Rarity = Normal

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Dear Crown Purity Rouge Jacket
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Normal
Release(s) 10

 Dear Crown Purity Rouge Jacket is a Star-type Prism Stone. It was worn by Hye In.


A red top with a row of tiny black dot buttons going up the center is worn under a short white jacket. It is held with a isngle gold button, with a lapel and cuff of black with a single gold line on each portion. On the left of the chest is a gold badge. An orange and black tie is worn at the neck. Comes with a dark gray fluffy bracelet with a small black bandana attached to it adorned with tiny blue stars. 


PRDMF ep 14 (14)

Hye In wore this outfit a decent number of times when performing. It appears to be her iconic outfit for the song Kekki Love

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