Dear Crown

Dear Crown is a shop next to the store, Prism Stone. The designer of Dear Crown is Yun-su.

Dear Crown is part of Dear Princess, the agency in Korea that manages PURETTY. PURETTY's designs are made by Yun-su. So Min always goes shopping there because she loves Dear Crown and she is in love with Yun-su.


Being influenced by Yun-su, Dear Crowns' designs are not like Prism Stone Shop's. They are more sexy and cool than cute or feminine. As a result, Dear Crown is intended for target audiences who prefer mature styles of fashion.

Rainbow Live

In Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, Dear Crown is a famous fashion brand shop across from the store Prism Stone. The General Manager of Dear Crown is Natsuko MihamaJuné Amou is a Prism Star model that works and is the representative of Dear Crown. In Episode 51 of Rainbow Live, Naru Ayase became the new manager of Dear Crown.


  • In Season 3 of PriPara, Dear Crown has been brought back as a brand, and is worn by a Celeb-type idol named Chiri Tsukikawa.


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