Dalmatian Pearl Jacket
Dalmatian Pearl Jacket
Kanji ダルメシアンパールジャケット
Rōmaji Darumeshian Pāru Jaketto
Fashion Element Sexy
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 9 (Dear My Future)

Dalmatian Pearl Jacket is a sexy-type Prism Stone.


A black tanktop with ruffled strips on the chest and a white dot pattern. A beige jacket is included with silver buttons and a strip of lace on the left of the chest and going down the right side, along with a skinny metallic line. The cuff and lapel are white with a dalmation spot pattern.

Appearance in the Anime

Mia casual winter
Mia wore this as one of her casual outfit in Dear My Future.

In the anime the spots from the top, lapel, and sleeve cuffs are lessened.

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