DJ Coo
Kanji ディージェー・クウ
First Appearance
Rainbow Live Episode 1
Gender Male
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Voiced by
Japanese Showtaro Morikubo

DJ Coo is Prism Stone's DJ. He created an android for his Momo so she can interact with society as Chisato Ibara. He randomly spouts some English words and says "Cool" sometimes. After one of Hiro's live concerts, it was revealed that he is actually a former top Prism Star, Rei Kurokawa (黒川 冷, Kurokawa Rei). He is nicknamed "The Legendary Father of the Street Movement."


4-5 years ago he was rivals with Jin Norizuki and Hijiri Himuro. He entered the Prism King Cup with them but forfeiting soon after hearing about Hijiri's injury, thus giving the title to Jin. He went incognito soon after that, assuming the moniker of DJ Coo while wearing shades and a cap to disguise his appearance from the public.

Years later, he was present during the opening of the Prism Stone Store and assisted Chisato in finding a suitable assistant to help them out in sales.

Prism Jumps

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