Cutie Ribbon Arrange Hair
Cutie Ribbon Arrange Hair
Kanji キューティリボンアレンジヘア
Rōmaji Kyūti Ribon Arenji Hea
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Normal
Release(s) Session 04 (Rainbow Live)

Cutie Ribbon Arrange Hair is a star-type Prism Stone. This is Otoha Takanashi's normal hairstyle, but the accessory was also worn by her and  Wakana Morizono in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


Short blond hair worn in low, puffy pigtails with a rounded section so far down and the remainder loose and over the shoulders. The thick forelocks frame the face, and the bangs are split off-center. A skinny black headband is included with a big red bow at the middle.


Besides this being Otoha's normal hairstyle, she and Wakana wore the accessory as part of their outfit for the unit Bell Rose.
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