Cosmic Asymmetrical Shirt
Kanji コズミックアシンメトリートップス
Rōmaji Kozumikku Ashinmetorī Toppusu
Fashion Element Pop
Rarity Normal
Release(s) Session 03 (Rainbow Live)

Cosmic Asymmetrical Shirt is a pop-type top that is worn by Ann Fukuhara in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


A light blue top with black enamel around the shoulder and neck, which is accented by a skinny light blue line inches from the top. Black details the torso, along with sections of white, colorful badges, and three lightning bolt shaped lines on the left of the chest, coming in blue, pale green, and black with white dot print. Comes with white gloves that have a light blue cuff bordered in white and black.

In the Anime

Ann wore the Cosmic Asymmetrical Shirt as part of her duo outfit with Wakana.
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