Cosmic Asymmetric Boots
Kanji コズミックアシメブーツ
Rōmaji Kozumikku Ashime Būtsu
Fashion Element Pop
Rarity Normal
Release(s) Session 03 (Rainbow Live)

Cosmic Asymmetric Boots are a pop-type pair of shoes that are worn by Ann Fukuhara in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


White boots with a black toe and heel with chunk wedge heel. A skinny black line goes up the middle, and around the ankle are two bead chains, one leg has light blue, the other green. Black enamel knee-socks are included with a folded cuff and a thin white line going up the middle, with the right side colored opposite of the anklets.

In the Anime

Ann wore the Cosmic Asymmetric Boots as her duo outfit in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.
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