Corset Snow Tops
Kanji コルセットスノートップス
Rōmaji Korusetto Sunō Toppusu
Fashion Element Lovely
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 3

Corset Snow Tops is a lovely-type Prism Stone worn by Rizumu Amamiya in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. It resembles the Violet Colors Ruffle T-Shirt.


A pale blue corset covered in dots with a ruffled band doing down the center, lined by silver buttons to match the border and lining on top of the chest. A ruffled bow is sewn above the buttons. White puffy fabric covers the collarbone and shoulders. A light blue bracelet is included.



When Aira first began to bond with Rizumu, she put this outfit together for her.

She later wore it in the season -somewhat modified- when the Prism Stars were tasked with putting together an outfit that resembled a Wedding Dress. 

In the first instance, the top lacked its silver details, dots, and the bracelet. In the second, the dot pattern remained gone, and the bow was removed. But it gained it's silver detail and two bracelets, rather than one.


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