Color Combination Loafers
Kanji カラーコンビローファー
Rōmaji Karaa Konbi Rofaa
Fashion Element Feminine
Rarity Rare Stones
Release(s) Rainbow Live Session 2

The Color Combination Loafers is a Feminine-type stone released during Rainbow Live's Tokimeki Days arc (Session 2).

They were worn by Otoha Takanashi in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


White loafers with a brown sole that has a chunk heel. The flap is brown with a white strap at the middle that has an ornament sewn to the middle.


Otoha casual summer

Otoha wears this piece of clothing during the summer.

In the anime the shoes are pale cream-colored, but the Prism Stone version is white.


  • Although it is listed as rare and receives the same points as a rare stone, it is in fact extremely common, as Tokimeki Days only has rare stones.
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