Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live is the third anime series of the Pretty Rhythm anime. It starts the story anew after Dear My Future but years later. Every girl has a different element that describes their personality and fashion type.

The story mainly revolves around Naru Ayase (Lovely), a girl who becomes the middle-school manager of the Prism Stone Shop in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. Ann Fukuhara (Pop), the captain of the Prism Dance team and the sweets-loving daughter of a senbei shop owner, and Ito Suzuno (Cool), the music-enthusiast daughter of a famous guitarist who is fairly unfriendly and self-centered.

Their rivals are three girls from Edel Rose, a school branch of the Dear Crown store. These girls are Bell Renjouji (Sexy), a confident girl who has dedicated her entire life to Prism Shows, Otoha Takanashi (Feminine), a shy, fairy tale-loving girl who dedicates her life to Bell, and Wakana Morizono (Ethnic), a cat-like, fortune-telling girl who is cruel and calculating, all for the sake of not getting bored.

They all revolve around the mysterious girl Rinne (Star), who actually came from the Prism World and not a human. Rinne has lost her memories and emotions because of the black lightning that attacked her, but she is a genius of Prism Shows. In the Prism World, Rinne was a bubbly and cheerful person. After losing her emotions, Rinne rarely smiled, but she has the same emotion when she was in the shows as when she was in the Prism World. On Earth, she has a bad habit to change her emotions quickly as the show is done and loves to disappear after she does shows. She also likes to interrupt prism shows which has the "Rainbow Song" she likes. Her peacock mascot fell to a different world from Rinne in the black lightning and is desperately trying to search for Rinne. Something is lingering in her past that might lead to the key of the future.

There is proof that it takes places years after Dear My Future. MARs, Prizmmy, PURETTY, and Sonata Amamiya, are seen on a rink, on a stain glass. First is MARs, PURETTY, Mia is seen doing Sparkling Future Star, MARs, Prizmmy and PURETTY doing the Grateful Symphonia, and Sonata (as a statue) doing the Aurora Rising.

Theme Songs


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  3. 3: "CRAZY GONNA CRAZY " by Prizmmy☆ (Eps 27-39)
  4. 4: "Butterfly Effect" by Prizmmy☆ (Eps 40-51)


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