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Prizmmy☆ is a Prism Unit with four members, Mia, Karin, Reina, and Ayami. The name Prizmmy☆ from Jun means 'Prism with Me'. The members are based on real life characters. They are lead by Mia, who is extremely competitive and drags the others around. According to Mia, their goal is to defeat MARs. They are the main Prism Show team in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.


All members of Prizmmy☆ attended Aira's Prism Queen performance at the championship finals. As such, they all flew with her as she performed the Aurora Rising Dream. They were not aware of each other's existence at this point, and only came to know each other three years later.

Rainbow Live

In Rainbow Live, when Ann and Wakana are performing, MARs is seen in a glass painting on the stage doing the Grateful Symphonia with PURETTY and Prizmmy☆. Mia is seen doing the Sparkling Future Star, and in the background is the rest of Prizmmy☆. PURETTY is seen doing the Grateful Symphonia, then a picture of MARs. In the middle of the stage is a statue of Sonata Amamiya doing the Aurora Rising.

Prism Acts

  • Prism Act: Miracle Idol Wake Up!
  • Prism Act: Road To Symphonia
  • Prism Act: Sky High Symphonia
  • Prism Act: Grateful Symphonia
  • Prism Act: Dear My Future

Image Songs

Dear My Future ~To the Future Me~ (Dear My Future ~未来の自分へ~;Dear My Future ~To the Future Me~)

my Transform

Life is Just a Miracle ~It's Wonderful to be Alive~ (Life is Just a Miracle ~生きてるって素晴らしい~; It's Wonderful to be Alive)

Prism Jumps


  • Kirameki Future Star
  • Kirameki Future Star Evolution
  • Stardust Shower
  • Kirameki Future Star Evolution 2
  • Kirameki Future Star Evolution 3
  • Kirameki Future Star Evolution 4
  • Kirameki Future Star Evolution 5


  • All of Prizmmy☆'s members last names are puns of names of butterflies.

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