PURETTY as they appear in their Dear Crown training outfits.

PURETTY (pronounced "PYOO-REH-TEE") is a Prism Show unit made up of the 5 Korean abroad students in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. PURETTY's  members are Hye In, Shi Yoon, Jae Eun,  Chae Kyoung and So Min, who is also their group leader. Their manager is Mishiru, and their home Prism Show agency is "Dear Princess". The name of their unit comes from the words 'Pure' and 'Pretty'. They are based on a actual, real life, Korean unit also called PURETTY who provides their vocals. They usually wear Dear Crown's(Yun-su's) Dresses while their rival group, Prizmmy wears Shou's(Prism Stones) Designs.

Prism Jumps

Prism Acts

Rainbow Live

In Rainbow Live, when Ann and Wakana are performing, MARs is seen in a glass painting on the stage doing the Grateful Symphonia with PURETTY and Prizmmy. Mia is seen doing the Sparkling Future Star, and in the background is the rest of Prizmmy. PURETTY is seen doing the Grateful Symphonia, then a picture of MARs. In the middle of the stage is a statue of Sonata Amamiya doing the Aurora Rising.

Image Songs

Check It☆Love (チェキ☆ラブ;CHEKI☆RABU)

Fizz Fizz Baby (シュワシュワBABY;SHUWA SHUWA BABY)

Members of PURETTY

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