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MARs's promotional shot in the anime

MARs is the main Prism Show unit of "Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream". It consists of Mion Takamine (M), Aira Harune (A), and Rizumu Amamiya (R) (and an s for plural). MARs is an official unit of Pretty Top. They were on hiatus near the end Aurora Dream in order to focus on training for the championship, but restarted after Aira became Prism Queen by suggestion of Aira herself. All 3 agreed that that was the best course of action. And all of them have a love interest in the members of Callings. All members of MARs were born under the Skater Goddess Constellation.

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Friendship Bracelets

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The three friendship bracelets.

At the suggestion of Aira, all 3 girls share matching bracelets, each matching to their theme color. This is a metaphor of their friendship. When Rizumu has to throw away her heart in order to jump the Aurora Rising, she takes off her bracelet in order to cut herself off. However, she puts it back on when she comes to her senses.

Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future

Mars 3 years later

MARs as seen in "Dear My Future".

MARs is now a super-popular Prism Show unit. They are the ones who have completely booked up Pretty Top's schedule for Prism Shows. They are deeply respected by most every student at Pretty Top.


Tournament Outcome
Summer Queen Cup Lost
Crystal High Heel Cup Won

Prism Jumps

Image Songs

Hop! Step!! Jump!!

Mera Mera Heart ga Atsuku Naru

You May Dream

Go With Pretty Rhythm! (プリティーリズムでGo!; Pretty Rhythm de Go!)

Que Sera

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