Casual Blue Parka
Kanji カジュアルブルーパーカー
Rōmaji Kajuaru Burū Pākā
Fashion Element Pop
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 1

Casual Blue Parka is a pop-type Prism Stone. It was worn by Rizumu Amamiya in Dear My Future.


A white low-neck top with lavender writing and designs, worn beneath a light blue parka with blue pockets, sleeve cuff, and zipper strip. 

Appearance in the Anime

Rizumu render by lucy3487-d5i9w7w

Rizumu Amamiya

In Dear My Future, Rizumu wore this as her normal attire.

The only difference between it and the Prism Stone is that the design on the shirt is changed.

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