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COSMOs is the third group of the shuffle teams of Prizmmy☆ and PURETTY. It consists of members Mia Ageha, So Min, and Chae Kyoung, placed on the right. COSMOs stands for Chae Kyoung (C), So Min (S) and Mia (M). This name came from Yumemi, a girl who dreamed of becoming an astronomer. When Yumemi was not able to perform, Mia tells her that she should not give up and practice hard which makes her angry and says that Mia has not even defeated Aira so how could she talk about her dream. Mia says that this time they will surely beat Aira. The costumes of COSMOs were designed by Shou, though So Min and Chae Kyoung originally wanted to choose Yun-su's designs because of So Min's love for him and Chae Kyoung being his sister. They defeated Aira by a large margin. COSMOs focuses on the idea of supporting everyone's dream, such as supporting Yumemi's dream of becoming an astronomer.

Image Song

cheer! yeah!x2

COSMOs Outfits

Mia: Strawberry Idol Tops, Strawberry Idol Pannier, Strawberry Idol Boots

Chae Kyeong: Blueberry Idol Jacket, Blueberry Idol Miniskirt, Blueberry Idol Short Boots

So Min: Lemonade Idol Vest, Lemonade Idol Pumpkin Pants, Lemonade Idol Short Boots

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