Bell Rose Wine Red Tight Mini
Bell Rose Wine Red Tight Mini
Kanji ベルローズワインレッドタイトミニ
Rōmaji Beru Rōzu Wain Reddo Taito Mini
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Session 02 (Rainbow Live)

Bell Rose Wine Red Tight Mini is a star-type skirt worn by Bell Renjouji in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


A tight red skirt with a small amount of glitter applied. A black and silver belt is included, along with black lace around the bottom. A thin black slit is on the side of the skirt with a small yellow bow on top.

In the Anime

Beru clothes
Bell wears this stone as part of her Edel Rose stage outfit in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.
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