"Memo memo desu!"

- Ayami's catchphrase

Ayami Ooruri
Ayami Ooruri clip
Kanji 大瑠璃あやみ
Rōmaji Ooruri Ayami
First Appearance
Aurora Dream Episode 50 (cameo)
Dear My Future Episode 1
Gender Female
Age (Aurora Dream) 9
Age (Dear My Future) 12-13
Birthday March 2
Astrological Sign Pisces
Hometown Japan
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color Raven Black
Eye Color Dark Pink
Theme Color Pastel Pink
Fashion Element Lovely
Affiliation Prizmmy☆

Pretty Top

Animal Coach Yammy
Voiced by
Japanese Ayane Sakura

Ayami Ooruri is the youngest member of Prizmmy☆, Ayami is a kind, quiet and shy girl. However, when push comes to shove, she can be quite courageous. She has an affinity for fashion and a habit of writing notes in her notebook. She always says "Memo memo" when writing memos in her notebook. Her best friend in PURETTY is Chae Kyoung.


Due to being the shyest girl in Prizmmy, Ayami is reluctant to express her inner feelings to others, often preferring to keep them to herself. Due to her timid personality and status as the youngest member, Ayami also prefers to stay in the background and play a supporting role rather than take the lead and set a good example for others. Despite being more of an introvert, she makes up for it by supporting her friends with the use of her trademark notes and high intelligence. She also happens to be quite a good actress and can shift her personality to a more extrovert one if necessary.


Ayami has long and straight-cut raven black hair that she wears in a high ponytail with a pink ribbon. She has dark pink-red eyes. She has also been seen wearing red-rimmed glasses in her cameo in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.

Like her fellow Prizmmy members, Ayami's casual attire changes depending on the current season. In summer, she wears a rose-themed necklace around her neck along with a short white tunic and pink skirt. In winter, she wears a floral-themed raspberry dress decorated with a dark blue bow on her chest.


Prizm50 40

Ayami at Aira's Prism Queen performance at age 9.

Three years previous to Dear My Future, Ayami was one of the audience members when Aira performed the "Aurora Rising Dream", and flew along with her because of it. Unbeknownst to her, she was flying alongside her future Prizmmy☆ members, Mia, Karin, and Reina.

Role in the Plot

Img chara 04ayami sp

Ayami Ooruri in her outfit for battling in "Prizmmy☆ Leader Selection"

Ayami, Reina, Karin, and Mia become a group after the president, Kyoko Asechi, Jun and Penguin Sensei decided their debut. One day she was given a chance to be the center of the show and President Asechi said that Prizmmy will design their own clothes. Mia and Reina were arguing over who will design the clothes. Chae Kyoung asked Ayami if she wanted to design them because Ayami really loves fashion, while Ayami refused because she was shy, Chae Kyoung raised her hand and said that Ayami will do it, Ayami said she can't and she was troubled. While Ayami was thinking, Chae Kyoung came with an elephant and surprised her. Ayami said that she is the youngest of them all, she's slow in learning the dance steps and songs and if her teammates didn't know something she will always look into her memo to give them information, it was her help for their group. Chae Kyoung helped her with an inspiration and the design turned out to be really cute. When Ayami jumped Miss Fairy Girl, she did the "Act Trying" for the first time.

Ayami's Outfits

Prism Show Outfits

Shiny Ribbon VestShiny Ribbon SkirtLine Ribbon Suede Long Boots

Prizmmy☆ Leader Selection

Volume Flower HeadbandLoose River Gingham One PiecePastel Dot Pumps

Sprouts Shuffle Team

Dancing Happiness Ribbon HairDancing Cat One PieceDancing Happiness Shoes

Symphonia Outfits

Symphonia Tops of Kindness, Symphonia Skirt of Courage, Symphonia Boots of the Beginning

Casual Outfits (Summer)

Rose Necklace, Tyrolean Hippie Tunic, Cotton Lace Skirt, High-Laced Flower Sandals

Casual Outfits (Winter)

Embroidery Long Knit One Piece, Cafe Mocha Flower Boots

Prism World Cup

Flower Maiden Necklace, Off-Shoulder Fluffy Knit, Ethnic Flower Skirt, Madonna Casablanca Sandals


  • Ayami's last name, like all of the Prizmmy☆ members, is based on the name of a butterfly. Ooruri is part of the Japanese name for "Blue Mountain Butterfly".
  • Her design is based on Ayami Sema, her real-life counterpart of the group Prizmmy☆ who graduated from Prizmmy☆ on March 30, 2014, to concentrate on her studies.
  • Ayami is voiced by Ayane Sakura, who also voices Yammy and Rinne.


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