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Aurora Rising jumped by Sonata Kanzaki

Aurora Rising is a legendary Prism Jump. It is admired by all and is a goal for Prism Stars to aim for. 

This jump is very dangerous without proper training, and the slightest hesitation can ruin the entire attempt. There is also the risk of throwing away everything whether the Prism Star succeeds or fails.



The jump starts with the Prism Star reaching the glittering evening sky, surrounding the rink with several aurora lights. She stops to pose, stretching out her arms as the aura brilliantly shines behind her.


More lights form and the Prism Star gains a pair of Aurora wings.


The performer grows angel wings before she jumps. Joining the aurora lights are several white feathers. In this form, everyone in the audience experiences the Prism Jump and they are levitated into the air. 

Known Prism Stars to Attempt It

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