Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream is a television anime series produced by Tatsunoko Production based on the Japanese arcade game Pretty Rhythm by Takara Tomy. The series revolves around a girl named Aira Harune who becomes an idol performing in Prism Shows.

The series aired in Japan on TV Tokyo between April 2, 2011, and March 31, 2012. It was followed by a sequel, Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.

List of Episodes

# Title Original Airdate
01 "A Star is Born!"
"Sutaa Tanjō!" (スタア誕生!)
April 9, 2011

After stumbling upon her younger siblings watching a Prism Show on Television, Aira is sent out to purchase fruit for her dad's cake shop. Aira decides to do some window shopping on the way home- but after leaving the store she thinks about how much fun it would be to be a Prism Star when she almost runs into another girl, causing both of them to do an amazing jump to avoid each other. Jun, who witnesses Aira's potential grabs her and decides to have her take the place of a girl who didn't show up for her Performance. In that, Aira is forced to debut as a Prism Star alongside the girl she ran into earlier. 

02 "The Jump of Rizumu's Heart!"
"Rizumu, Kokoro no Janpu!" (りずむ、心のジャンプ!)
April 16, 2011

Rizumu angrily challenges Aira to a Dance-Off after she pulls off a Prism Jump in her debut. But when Aira fails, Jun offers the girls a scholarship to Pretty Top. Rizumi storms off and rejects the offer, causing Aira to visit her and try to make her feel better by taking her shopping and helping her sense of fashion; which comes in handy when Rizumu is tasked with wearing the outfit Aira chose for a Prism Show!


"These are our Coaches!? Rabi-chi and Bea-chi!"
"Kore ga KOOCHI!? RABICHI to BEACHI!" (これがコーチ!?ラビチとベアチ)

April 23, 2011

Penguin-sensei gives the girls a set of Coaches due to Aira's lack of dance skills. But the girls aren't sure they can improve when Bea-chi and Rabi-chi put them through many conusing and harsh trainining procedures.


"Easter is a Heart-Clenching Personal Experience"
"IISUTAA wa Mune KYUN Taiken!" (イースターは胸キュン体験!)

April 30, 2011

Easter is approaching and Aira finds herself too distracted to focus; not only does she have to keep her Prism Star status a secret, but she really wants the brand new accessories at Prism Stone. As Rizumu tries to get her to focus the girls are asked by Callings for help creating an Easter event at the Shopping Mall. As she spends more time with Sho, Aira starts to realize something special...


"A Fashion Show a Secret From Papa"
"PAPA ni wa NAISHO de FASSHON SHOO" (パパにはナイショでファッションショー)

May 7, 2011

Aira is having a harder time keeping her Prism Star title a secret now that word is spreading. She tries to avoid revealing the truth until Rizumu convinces her to just give her Dad a message and ticket to attend their upcoming fashion show. While he isn't happy, he agrees to it but only under one condition: She has to wear the outfit he chooses. If she refuses then he won't let her perform anymore.


"The Shine of the Prism is Always Here"
"PURIZUMU no Kagayaki wa Itsumo Koko ni" (プリズムの輝きはいつもここに)

May 14, 2011

Kyoko sends Aira and Rizumu to Hakune with their parents to teach children and their mothers some dance moves to celebrate Mothers Day. After reuniting the girls are surprised to find out their parents know each other and they get to work, where they meet a rude little girl named Natsuki who refuses to cooperate with them. Rizumu attempts to relate to her and they give her a makeover, and she soon realizes that she might not be as okay with her mom missing as she thinks she is after Natsuki gets upset.


"Break-up?! Aira and Rizumu's Big Fight"
"Zekkou!? Aira to Rizumu no OOGENKA" (絶交!?あいらとりずむの大ゲンカ)

May 21, 2011

Aira and Rizumu get into a fight after Rizumu realizes Aira admires Mion and tells her off. Aira is shocked, but when Rizumu begins to wear her old clothing, she decides that Rizumu meant her harsh statement and she gives up being a Prism Star. 'Later, Aira pays a visit to Prism Stone to try to cheer herself up and she runs into Sho. He reveals Rizumu isn't doing very well and Aira rushes to her side, causing them to come to an important realization.


Rizumu in a Big Pinch! The Great Studying Strategy "
"Rizumu PINCHI! Obenkyou Dai Sakusen" (りずむピンチ!お勉強大作戦)

May 28, 2011

After getting a lousy midterm score Rizumu is told she needs to get at least 70 points on the make-up test or else she will be forced into an early retirement as a Prism Star! But when everyone's teaching method fails to help her understand and she begins to feel hopeless until she finds help in the unlikeliest of places.


"The School Festival and the Secret Promise"
"Gakuensai to Himitsu no Yakusoku" (学園祭と秘密の約束)

June 4, 2011

The Tiara Cup is approaching and Aira begins to worry about how oddly Rizumu has began to behave. She's been training so hard that she's forgotten all about anything not related to winning, and she cuts contact with her after Aira tries to figure out what's wrong with her. But how far will talent take her when she refuses to listen to anybody?


"The Lovely Rainbow After the Rain"
"Amenochi no RABURII REINBOO" (雨のちラブリーレインボー)

June 11, 2011

With Sho's deadline for his new summer line approaching he asks Aira out in hopes of getting inspiration- but when she easily figures out his problem, he angrily tells her off, leaving her with no confidence. Despite this, Aira wants to help him out and she decides to wear the outfit for a Prism Show.


"Raise the Curtain! Tiara Cup"
"Kaimaku! TIARA KAPPU" (開幕!ティアラカップ)

June 18, 2011

For the Tiara Cup all entrants must wear a combination of Prism Stones reminiscent of a wedding dress. Seeing how nervous Aira is, Kyoko gives her some advice and brings up her past as a Prism Star. Things go well until Rizumu passes out from a sudden fever, and Aira takes a big risk in hopes of giving her enough time to recover.


"Who Takes the Tiara of Victory!?"
"Shouri no TIARA wa Dare no Te ni!?" (勝利の栄冠(ティアラ)は誰の手に!?)

June 25, 2011

The girls enjoy a picnic with their family, but upon arriving back to their dressing room they find their Prism Stones have gone missing! Just when all hope seems lost, Aira decides to take it in stride and she gives Rizumu her emergency Prism Stones. But what can she do to put on an amazing show? And who is this new competitor who suddenly showed up?!


"Andy's Teardrops"
"ANDI no Namida" (アンディの涙)

July 2, 2011

Bea-chi is shocked when he hears Andy -Rizumu's stuffed bear- speak to him. Andy shows him the past of Rizumu's parents and how they met, and just what happened to Sonata...


"Mion Switch On"
"Mion SUICCHI ON" (みおんスイッチオン)

July 9, 2011

Mion decides to return to the Prism Star stage and she's less-than impressed with the girls. She decides to hold a show with the both of them in order to determine whether or not either of them really stand a chance.


"The Flaming Heart Gets Hotter!"
"Mera Mera HAATO ga Atsuku Naru!" (めらめらハートがあつくなる!)

July 16, 2011

Mion takes it upon herself to entice the girls into learning how to use the Batopon and improve their overall Song and Dance skills by asking the Callings to lend a hand. 


"Neko-chi's Trials"
"Nekochi no Shiren" (ネコチの試練)

July 23, 2011

Neko-chi and Mion get into a big argument after Neko-chi tries to help her express her feelings. While Neko-chi attempts to find help in how to fix everything, Rizumu and Aira try to bond with Mion by giving her a Lucky Watch. 


"A Happy Lucky Summer is a Cake Crash Course!"
"HAPI RAKI SAMAA wa KEEKI de Tokkun!" (ハピラキサマーはケーキで特訓!)

July 30, 2011

Tired of training the girls head to the Harune House to think about what else they can do for summer, but to their surprise, they find the Cake Shop is overflowing with customers! The girls decide to help out -along with Mion- and soon they are forced to transfer to Prism Shop, where the Prism Show will be held. Here the girls realize cake making may relate to their training more than they thought.  


"Hearts in Love that Bloom as Flowers in the Night Sky"
"Yozora ni Hanasaku Koigokoro" (夜空に花咲く恋ゴコロ)

August 6, 2011

The girls are invited to the summer festival by Callings. Upon arrival, their bonding experience soon turns to that of a deeper meaning as they talk about their future aspirations and dreams.


"Duo decision! The Girls' Destiny Date"
"Duo Kettei! Unmei no Garuzu Deto" (デュオ決定! 運命のガールズ・デート)

August 13, 2011

With the Summer Queen Cup approaching, Pretty Top has decided to have Mion pair up with one of the girls due to it being a duo competition; the only problem is that they don't know which girl would make an ideal partner for her. Aira suggests they go on Girls' Dates to decide and Mion agrees, but will she find her answer?


"Rivals from Kansai! Serena and Kanon appear!!"
"Raibaru wa Kansaikko! Serena to Kanon Tōjō!!" (ライバルは関西っ娘! セレナとかのん登場!)

August 20, 2011

As Mion attempts to get Aira to focus on their upcoming performance, Aira isn't able to stay focused while Rizumu angrily continues to train, frustrated that she cannot participate. But to their surprise, Mion has another plan up her sleeve: she plans on having them enter together.


"Storm of the Summer Queen Cup""
"Arashi no Samā Kuīn Kappu" (嵐のサマークイーンカップ)

August 27, 2011

Mion attempts to coach the girls, but while they remain in sync there is something wrong she's unable to figure out. But after watching their new rivals Serena and Kanon perform an amazing show, she is surprised to see how high leveled they are and the girls begin to lose faith. 


"We dedicate to you the blessing of Skate constellation!""
"Sukēto-za no Shukufuku o Kimi ni!" (スケート座の祝福を君に!)

September 3, 2011

To their surprise, Aira and Rizumu have the same birthday! Mion decides to plan them a surprise party when she sees how depressed they still on, and she begins to learn more about them after paying their homes a visit. She then asks for the Callings to lend a hand and she begins to bond with Wataru, who notices something seems off about her...


"Heart Pounding Showbiz Debut of MARs!"
"MARs dokidoki geinō-kai debyū" (MARsドキドキ芸能界デビュー)

September 10, 2011

It's been decided that Aira, Rizumu, and Mion will become the unit MARs- and for their first official debut they will be partaking in Go! Go! Callings! a game show on live television that leaves Aira and Rizumu stricken with fear and Mion fired up!


"Comedy Showdown in School Trip"
"Shugaku ryoko de owarai taiketsu" (修学旅行でお笑い対決)

September 17, 2011

Aira and Rizumu's class is going away to Kyoto for a class trip and Mion gets permission to join them -as she was too busy to go the previous year- and there, they quickly run into trouble when Serena and Kanon confront them. They convince the girls to attend a show they will be putting on- but they are horrified to learn it was a mean-spirited trick!


"Pledge of Friendship! The Aurora Wings"
"Yūjō no chikai! Ōrora no tsubasa" (友情の誓い! オーロラの翼)

September 24, 2011

Aira decides the trio should have a slumber party at Rizumu's after finding out she'll be alone for the evening, and although Mion refuses, she somehow winds up there anyway and decides to stay. But what starts off as a bonding experience soon turns sour after notices how oddly Rizumu is behaving and she accuses her of considering something she isn't ready for and leaves. Angered, Rizumu decides to prove to her that she can handle it and she decides to attempt the Aurora Rising!


"Kneaded Together! The Pretty Recipe of Victory"
"Konete matomeru! Shōbu no Puritī Reshipi" (こねてまとめる! 勝負のプリティーレシピ)

October 1, 2011

Jun brings up that Kyoko has a big event coming up and the girls decide to cook her something special; unaware of it being a prank. In this time, they recall some precious memories from recently, including how they met and became Friends.


"Dolphin Venus in the Tropical Beach"
"Nangoku Bīchi no Dorufin Bīnasu" (南国ビーチのドルフィンビーナス)

October 8, 2011

MARs is sent to the beach for some filming work, leaving Rizumu and Mion unhappy since it interferes with training, so Aira takes it upon herself to try to lighten the mood. However, when Serena and Kanon show up they realize they have been set up and now must compete with them.


"Sweet Honey Kiss For Stubborn Master"
"Ganko oyaji ni Hachimitsu Kissu" (頑固オヤジにはちみつキッス)

October 15, 2011

MARs is sent to Akihabara to do an interview with a Curry Shop owner- one who was popular forty years ago and now refuses to open his heart to newcomers. He refuses to be interviewed and Mion attempts to get him to reconsider by inviting him to their Prism Show.


"Let's Trio Jump! Hip Hop Win!"
"Torio de Janpu! Hippu Hoppu Win!" (トリオでジャンプ! Hip Hop Win!)

October 22, 2011

For the upcoming High Heel Cup MARs is presented with a new song, but when they struggle to come up with dance moves for it, Mion's friend from New York, Yuri, shows up to lend them a hand.


"Heart Pounding and Throbbing Halloween Party Night☆"
"Dokidoki Harowin wa tokimeki ja naito☆" (ドキドキハロウィンはときめきじゃナイト☆)

October 29, 2011

Pretty Top will be holding a Halloween Party in the shopping mall, and it's up to MARs and Callings to think up ideas!


"Ciao! Trying to Collaborate! Aira and Flare♥"
"Aira to Flare, Korabocchao" (あいらとふれあ、コラボっちゃお♥)

November 5, 2011

Aira meets a girl who like her has a great talent for fashion and loves Prism Stone's clothing. She encourages Flare to enter the upcoming design contest and is given the task of choosing the winning outfit.


"Roar of Laughter! Serenon's Manzai Discipling in Asakusa"
"Bakushō! Serenon Asakusa Manzai Shugyō" (爆笑! せれのん浅草漫才修行)

November 12, 2011

Serena and Kanon are participating in a comedy competition, but when they don't get a perfect score from all of the judges they decide to visit Shizuko Nakayama for advice.


"Aira in Wondergirl"
"Aira in Wandāgāru" (あいら in ワンダーガール)

November 19, 2011

It's Eru and Uru's birthday and they convince the girls to take them to Prism Land, an amusement park. But upset by how busy Aira has become, they run away from them! As they hide from Aira, they run into a strange girl named Kaname Chris.


"Is this Love!? Love Battle in the World of Showbiz"
"Korette Koi!? Geinōkai Rabu batoru" (これって恋!? 芸能界ラブバトル)

November 26, 2011

MARs new song "Hop! Step!! Jump!!!" has ranked second on the overall Prism Star ratings, losing only to Nana Ichijou. Aira is shocked when she learns more about Nana and finds out she is on a romantic drama with Sho, and soon Nana confronts her, demanding she stay away from him; something that seems impossible after Aira is given the task of coming up with some outfits for an upcoming event.


"MARs Dream Live!"
"MARs Dorīmu Raibu!" (MARs ドリームライブ!)

December 3, 2011

MARs is training for their live at Budokan, but during their performance a blackout suddenly occurs and threatens to spoil the event!


"Kaname is an Angel? or a Devil?"
"Kaname wa Enjeru? soretomo Debiru?" (かなめは天使? それとも悪魔?)

December 10, 2011

Aira meets Kaname and she asks to see Aira dance. She bonds with her and together they perform a Prism Jump. But to her, Rizumu, and Mion's surprise, Serena and Kanon return to reveal she is their third member for the High Heel Cup!


"Fierce fight! Crystal High Heel Cup"
"Gekitō! Kurisutaru Haihīru Kappu" (激闘! クリスタルハイヒールカップ)

December 17, 2011

It's time for the High Heel Cup but Aira is still in shock over her carelessness in revealing their dance and outfits to their strong rivals. Mion and Rizumu continue to show her support to help her get through it, and together they make some changes to their plans. But will it be enough to defeat them?


"Holy Night in the Miracle Snow Fall"
"Mirakuru sunō no furu yoru ni" (ミラクル・スノーの降る夜に)

December 24, 2011

Aira thinks about Christmas with a teacher she had when she was younger after picking up her sisters. But after meeting Kaito, a little boy who wants to see snow more than anything on Christmas Eve -which is also his birthday- before he moves, the girls attempt to help him.


"New Year Special Program: Close to the Charm of Prism Show!"
"Shinshun tokuban Purizumu Shō no miryoku ni semaru!" (新春特番・プリズムショーの魅力に迫る!)

January 7, 2012

On a New Year Special Program, MARs are being interviewed. The girls talk about their past with friends and rivals they met. They also talk about the upcoming Prism Queen Cup.


"Their Determination"
"Sorezore no Ketsui" (それぞれの決意)

January 14, 2012

After Kyoko informs the girls that they each need a Wedding Dress for a chance to win the Prism Queen Cup, each girl joins different, smaller Cups to obtain one. Mion enters the New Year cup, Aira enters the Pure Premium Wedding cup, and Rizumu enters the Winter Snow cup. It's also important that they learn the Aurora Rising and she personally teaches Aira while Rizumu tries to get Kei to train her, the one who trained her mother.


"The Wish of Pure Premium Wedding"
"Pyua Premiamu Wedingu no Negai" (ピュアプレミアムウェディングの願い)

January 21, 2012

Aira gets ready for the Pure Premium Wedding cup when Kyoko is shocked to find her mother, Kei, in the audience. She then tells Aira more about her pas and pleads with her to try performing the Aurora Rising.


"Fateful Resumption of Rizumu and Sonata"
"Rizumu to Sonata, Unmei no saikai" (りずむとそなた、運命の再開)

January 28, 2012

As Aira gets to work training, Rizumu prepares or the Winter Snow cup, but when Kaname uses the same dance Rizumu's mother did from the Prism Queen cup and flawlessly takes home the win, Rizumu sadly leaves with her father. But to their surprise, they see her mother! But Rizumu is shocked when she denies having a daughter.


"The Pure White Wedding of Girls' Friendship"
"Yūjō no Pyua Howaito Wedingu" (友情のピュアホワイトウェディング)

February 4, 2012

Having convinced Kei to teach her the Aurora Rising, Rizumu is faced with getting the Pure White Wedding stones or else she can't compete in the Prism Queen cup. Meanwhile, Mion takes matters into her own hand and challenges Serena to a dance-off while Rizumu and Kanon compete in the Aquarium Cup. If she and Rizumu win then they can have the stones.


"Sweet and Bitter Valentine"
"Suīto ando Bitā Barentain" (スイート&ビターバレンタイン)

February 11, 2012

Aira is getting ready for the Valentine cup when Sho approaches her to ask if she will be able to do the Aurora Rising, then brings up how risky the Prism Jump is if she fails to do it successfully. Meanwhile, Rizumu waits or Kei to show up when she runs into Hibiki- but Kei reveals that for her to be able to do the legendary Prism Jump she must be willing to throw everything else away.


"Buenos Aires in Search of Light"
"Hikari tazunete Buenosu Airesu" (光訪ねてブエノスアイレス)

February 18, 2012

Mion travels to Venice and to her surprise, she finds Jun, who has come to speak to her about the Prism Queen cup. Mion confesses that she has been trying to find a jump to surpass the Aurora Rising and he encourages her by bringing her to Buenos Aires.


"Showdown! Aira versus Rizumu"
"Taiketsu! Aira tai Rizumu" (対決! あいら vs りずむ)

February 25, 2012

Aira worriedly tries to find out why Rizumu has changed so much recently, but when Rizumu suddenly proclaims that she hates Aira, she requests a contest between them. Wearing the necklace Sho gave her, Aira prepares for battle with her dear friend...


"Over the Finalists"
"Fanarisito wo kakete" (ファイナリストをかけて)

March 3, 2012

With her eyes opened, Rizumu refuses to throw away her friendships and the girls prepare for the Prism Queen series Semi-Finals, the Budokan Cup. Things get stressful after it's revealed Mion has already been granted access to the next round and there are only three spots left, which they must battle for against Serena, Kanon, and Kaname.


"Sonata's Winter"
"Sonata no fuyu" (そなたの冬)

March 10, 2012

Rizumu is the last one to perform and for good luck Aira gives her the Pure Crystal Tiara to wear. Rizumu is surprised when she manages to pull off the Aurora Rising, but after finishing her formance she suddenly faints and is rushed to the hospital, where her father reveals what happened to her mother in the past.


"Soar! The Aurora Wings"
"Maiagare! Ōrora no Tsubasa" (舞い上がれ! オーロラの翼)

March 17, 2012

It's finally time for the Prism Queen cup, where Aira, Rizumu, Mion, and Kaname will be participating! But after Kaname fails to pull off the Aurora Rising, Sonata arrives to take her to Russia, but when Rizumu hears about this she forces herself to stay and perform. With her entire being focused on her mother, she performs the Aurora Rising Final, and with some help from Serena and Kanon, she is able to reach her. After finding out the results, Aira and Mion prepare for their turns.


"A New Prism Queen is Born!"
"Shin Purizumu Kuīn Tanjō!" (新プリズムクイーン誕生!)

March 24, 2012

As the girls are preparing, Mion is visited by her parents and her mother gives her the Star Necklace prism stone. She goes on to perform and gains a perfect score of 10000 carats and takes 1st place. This leaves Aira feeling anxious as Kyoko gives her a pep talk. But after revealing how many people she has managed to touch, Aira heads to the stage...


"Dream goes on..."
"Dorīmu gōzu on..." (ドリーム ゴズーオン。。。)

March 31, 2012

Things begin to return to normal, with the girls hanging out with friends, rivals, and loved ones. Many things begin to change and improve, and they continue to discuss their future aspirations and dreams, and MARs prepares for a performance in town square.

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