Episode 44

"Sweet and Bitter Valentine"

Japanese Title (Kanji):


Japanese Title (Romaji):

Suīto ando Bitā Barentain

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Opening Theme

"1000 % kyunkyun sa se te yo ♡"

Ending Theme

"Everybody's Gonna Be Happy" by Prizmmy☆

Insert Songs

"Dream Goes On"

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The Pure White Wedding of Girls' Friendship

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Buenos Aires in Search of Light

"Sweet and Bitter Valentine" is the forty-fourth episode of Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.


Aira is getting ready for the Valentine Cup. At the competition, Shou comes into Aira's room and asks if she will do Aurora Rising. Shou worries over Aira telling her she might lose her memory if she does the Aurora Rising. He hugs her and the president saw it. Aira was speechless and Shou gives her a necklace saying that it will protect her. Rizumu is waiting for Hibiki at their secret place but she sees Kei. Kei tells her that if she wants to perform the Aurora Rising she must throw away everything like Sonata did. Hibiki then arrives and Rizumu cries and runs away.


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