Episode 43

"The Pure White Wedding of Girls' Friendship"

Japanese Title (Kanji):


Japanese Title (Romaji):

Yūjō no Pyua Howaito Wedingu

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Opening Theme

"1000 % kyunkyun sa se te yo ♡"

Ending Theme

"Everybody's Gonna Be Happy" by Prizmmy☆

Insert Songs

"Don't Give Up" Satomi Akesaka
"Kokoro Jūden!" by Sayuri Hara

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Fateful Resumption of Rizumu and Sonata

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Sweet and Bitter Valentine

"The Pure White Wedding of Girls' Friendship" is the forty-third episode of Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.


Rizumu has begun the Aurora Rising training under Kei but is faced with the challenge of getting the Pure White Wedding stones or else she can't compete in the Prism Queen Cup. Meanwhile, Mion takes the matter into her own hands by going to the Jounouchi residence to beg for the wedding stones. The conditions for the stones were that Mion and Serena are to have a dance off and Rizumu and Kanon have to compete in the Aquarium Cup. In the end, Rizumu gains the Pure White Wedding.


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