Episode 35

"MARs Dream Live!"

Japanese Title (Kanji):

MARs ドリームライブ!

Japanese Title (Romaji):

MARs Dorīmu Raibu!

Original Air Date


Opening Theme

"1000 % kyunkyun sa se te yo ♡"

Ending Theme

"Pretty Rhythm de Go!" by LISP

Insert Songs

"You May Dream"
"Kokoro Jūden!"
"Switch On My Heart"
"Dream Goes On"
"Mera Mera Heart ga Atsuku Naru"
"Hop! Step!! Jump!!!" by LISP

Previous Episode

Is this Love!? Love Battle in the World of Showbiz

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Kaname is an Angel? or a Devil?

"MARs Dream Live!" is the thirty-fifth episode of Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.


MARs is training for their live at Budokan. During the live, they perform multiple songs. During their last performance, the lights suddenly went off. The audience lights up the stadium with their batopons and Aira lets out her feelings to the audience. Thanks to Kyoko randomly smashing buttons the lights come back on and MARs performs their last song.


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