Episode 32

"Roar of Laughter! Serenon's Manzai Discipling in Asakusa"

Japanese Title (Kanji):

爆笑! せれのん浅草漫才修行

Japanese Title (Romaji):

Bakushō! Serenon Asakusa Manzai Shugyō

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Opening Theme

"1000 % kyunkyun sa se te yo ♡"

Ending Theme

"Pretty Rhythm de Go!" by LISP

Insert Songs

"Never Let Me Down ~Ganbari ya!~"

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Ciao! Trying to Collaborate! Aira and Flare♥

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Aira in Wondergirl

"Roar of Laughter! Serenon's Manzai Discipling in Asakusa" is the thirty-second episode of Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.


Serena and Kanon are participating in a comedy competition. They were certain that they would win but out of all the perfect scores given to them by MARs and some other judges, only one old lady gave them a 6 out of 10. After losing, Serenon goes to see Shizuko Nakayama and learn about her past as a comedian.


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