Asymmetry Tights & Pop'n Shoes
Kanji アシメントリータイツ&ポップンシューズ
Rōmaji Ashimentorī Taitsu & Poppun Shūzu
Fashion Element Pop
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 12

Asymmetry Tights & Pop'n Shoes is a pop-type Prism Stone. Hye In wore these in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. They resemble the Heart Patterned Leggings & Sneakers.


White shoes with a skinny ring of raspberry around the sole to match the detail on the sides, top, and shoelaces. The toe is black. Included are blue leggings with a yellow cuff, one covered in dark blue dots, the other has stripes.

In the Anime

Hye In wore the Asymmetry Tights & Pop'n Shoes during Winter.

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