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== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
* She shares her given name with [[w:c:prichan:Anna Akagi|Anna Akagi]] from the succeeding series, [[w:c:prichan:Kiratto Pri☆Chan|Kiratto Pri☆Chan]].
* She shares her given name with [[w:c:prichan:Anna Akagi|Anna Akagi]] from the second spin-off series, [[w:c:prichan:Kiratto Pri☆Chan|Kiratto Pri☆Chan]].
[[Category:Takamine Family]]
[[Category:Takamine Family]]
[[Category:Female Characters]]
[[Category:Female Characters]]

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Anna Takamine
Anna takamine
Kanji 高峰あんな
Rōmaji Takamine Anna
First Appearance
Aurora Dream Episode 45
Gender Female
Hometown Japan
Current Residence Yokohama, Japan

Buenos Aires

Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Relative(s) Pietro Takamine (Husband)

Mion Takamine (Daughter)

Voiced by
Japanese Rei Sakuma

Anna Takamine is Mion's mother and Pietro Takamine's wife. She plays a small role in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream but helps Mion find how to shine for her new Prism Jump by giving her some advice. She often had to leave Mion alone, as both she and Pietro were always on the move due to business. However, they both dearly love their daughter. She is a very energetic person, and will not hold back to jump to her daughter to hug her. She has some puppy-like tendencies in that way.

Personality Edit

Anna is a very lively and peppy person. She is also very loving, especially to Mion.

Role in Plot Edit

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Edit

When Mion needs help to shine in a Prism Jump, Anna talks with Mion to give her some advice.

Relationships Edit

Mion Edit

Mion is her daughter, and she loves her so very dearly. However, due to work, they couldn't spend all that much time together.

Etymology Edit

  • Her surname, Takamine, mean "high mountain".

Trivia Edit

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