Andy is a stuffed teddy bear made by Sonata Kanzaki given to Rizumu Amamiya, her daughter. Since her disappearance, Andy has been supporting and giving Rizumu comfort at times of need. 

He was able to talk to Bear-chi about the past during Episode 13.

Andy is voiced by Kurumi Mamiya.


Andy is an orange-brown colored bear with pale tan markings that go between his eyes, inside his ears, the center of his paws, and torso. He has small brown eyes and a fluffy white muzzle, where a big brown-black nose sits. He wears a blue bow around his neck with a Prism Stone in the center, along with a blue star mark on his left foot.


  • It was theorized that the Amamiya's fondness for bears is why Rizumu wound up receiving Bear-chi, who vaguely happens to resemble Andy.


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