Episode 6

"Wall of the Heart"

Japanese Title (Kanji):


Japanese Title (Romaji):

Jibun no Naka no Kabe

Original Air Date

May 10, 2014

Opening Theme

"BOY MEETS GIRL" by Prizmmy☆

Ending Theme

"RainBowxRainBow" by Prism☆Box

Insert Songs

"Blowin' in the Mind" by Maaya Uchida
"Sweet time Cooking magic ~Hara Peko Nan Desu Watashi tte~" by Yū Serizawa

Previous Episode

The Importance of a Rival

Next Episode

How to Make Your Dreams Bloom

"Wall of the Heart" is the sixth episode of Pretty Rhythm All-Star Selection.


Naru gives Laala an idol lesson. The sixth lesson is "Wall of the Heart". Naru tells Laala the story of how her friend Ann competed against Wakana at the Dreaming Session. Naru tells Laala to not be afraid to fail and break the wall of her heart.


Characters in Order of Appearance


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